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The Red Line Project was founded by Mike Reilley in January, 2011 and has been updated by freelancers and students in Reilley's college journalism classes. The site won more than 50 national, regional and local awards in its first four years. The site is currently features stories from University of Illinois Chicago communication students.

If you would like to use or aggregate content on this site, please follow the guidelines in our Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License.

This site is not affiliated with the Chicago Transit Authority. Also visit our sports site, Sidelines, our Data/Chicago site and our Tumblr blog focusing on Chicago's crummy sidewalks, The Chicago Stumbler.

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Spring 2017 data reporters

Maura Biedron:
Twitter | Website

Alheli Garcia: Twitter | Website

Brian Mleczko: Twitter | Website

Stephen Ruiz: Twitter | Website

Camilla Skowronek: Twitter | Website

Nuschia Taylor: Twitter | Website

Lauren Yard: Twitter | Website


Fall 2016 multimedia reporters

Kjerstin Berg

NIyat Habtezion

Brittany Kohn

Ken Neumann

Temitope Odedoyin

Solenn Puech

Kerenina Angela Ferrero Rosario

Kord Staley

Juan Toledo

Nick Toppel

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