Election Day

The Red Line Project documented voting issues as part of ProPublica's Electionland project. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Wrigley Demo

Wrigleyville is a construction zone, neighbors react. (Photo/Evan Walter)

Gun Violence

Storify of weekend shootings, homicides. (Photo/Alex Wroblewski)

The Red Line Project: Read more about the site.

CTA Crime Maps: Search maps of various crimes near CTA lines and stations.
Chicago Marathon 2013: Full coverage of the 2013 race. (Photo/Brianna Kelly)
Chicago Stumbler: The Tumblr blog features some of the city's worst sidewalks. Story
Downtown Chicago

First Stop: Election 2016

Chicago Early Voting Lines Long; Voting Issues Showing Statewide

As part of ProPublica's Electionland coverage, The Red Line Project curating election day voting issues. Monday's biggest issue was long lines at early voting stations as Chicago saw record early turnout. Even Chicago's Chance the Rapper got into the act, leading a group of hundreds of young voters to a downtown polling station after a late afternoon concert. Google Trends has an interactive map of Illinois and nationwide voting issues that people are Googling. 

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Wrigley Field chalk wall photo

Second Stop: Addison

Wrigley Field's Was Chalked, But Not For Long ...

Wrigley Field's walls were covered in chalked messages from Cubs fans as the team won its first World Series in 108 years. But those messages came down on Nov. 11 as construction on the ballpark continues.

Photo: The left-field Bleachers at Wrigley Field were chalked by fans. (Photo/Mike Reilley)

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Clifford Covington Photo

Third Stop: Harrison

Sweet Beginnings Helps Ex-Cons Turn Life Around

Clifford Covington left prison after 11 years and started searching for a future. Then he found the Sweet Beginnings program, and life got a lot better.

Photo: Clifford Covington inspects a bee hive. (Photo/Jill Wallace)

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