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UIC COVID-19 Cases Remain Low Three Months into Semester

Campus is in the middle of the pack of cases per 1,000 students among five Chicago-area universities.

By Laaiba Mahmood |  @RedLineProject | Updated: Nov. 20, 2021 | Reporting principles



Other universities in the Chicago area have seen similar COVID-19 positivity rates as UIC over the past seven days. UIC has had a 0.62% positivity rate in the past seven days, while Northwestern University has had a 0.60% positivity rate and Loyola University has had a 0.68% positivity rate over the same time period.

Since the start of the academic year, University of Chicago has had the highest positivity rate per 1,000 students among other area universities, while DePaul University has had the lowest.

UIC launched a COVID-19 surveillance program at the beginning of the semester through which students are randomly selected to take an COVID-19 saliva test at UIC’s testing center in Student Center East.


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