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Blackhawk Fans Take Pride in Homemade Stanley Cups

By Jakub Rudnik

PostedFriday, June 28, 2013

As Blackhawks’ captain Jonathan Toews toured Chicago with Lord Stanley’s Cup, several fans brought their homemade re-creations to hoist at the parade.

Outside of the United Center on Adams Street, Jim Wissemes from Carol Stream had his three-foot metal rendition of the Cup.

“It’s just a bunch of pots and pans and stuff,” he said.

Children and families lined up to take pictures with it while waiting for the parade to begin. He made it originally for his daughter, who was out of town for the parade, inscribing each of her teams into it.

Austin, a 10-year-old from Chicago, didn’t make the trophy he brought to the United Center.

“My neighbor made it but he left for camp, so he gave it to us and we brought it here,” he said.

With help from his mother, Austin said that his neighbor made it out of a trash can, a bowl and tinfoil.

Kaitlyn, from Chicago used a similar approach to build her model.

“I basically got my trashcan from my room, then I put tupperwares together and then I wrapped it all in tin foil,” she said.

She added decorations to her Cup, including a Chicago flag, the Blackhawks’ feathers and the words, ‘Because It’s the Cup.’

In Grant Park, Marcus from the South Suburbs had a Cup that also served a practical purpose.

“We drank beer out of it at my crib,” he said.

While demonstrating how to drink from it, he pointed to the screw inside the bowl, “RTV, so it’s sealed,” he said.

As for his secrets to the rest of the trophy he added, “Cardboard and duct tape.”

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