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  @RedLineProject | Posted: Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2021

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Episode 3: Reporters Roundtable, Fall 2021


Interview with Reporter Laaiba Mahmood


Interview with Reporters Grace Lysell and Ewa Lapczynska


Interview with Reporters Saniya Bangash and Sam Rodrigues


Episode 2: Reporters Roundtable, Spring 2021

Host Jonah Nink interviews reporters Jaylene Rodriguez and Laaiba Mahmood on covering COVID-19 vaccines and EV charging stations, respectively. 

Episode 1: Reporters Roundtable, Fall 2020

COVID-19 data, election voter turnout and other topics are covered by host Jonah Nink and reporters from The Red Line Project. 


Interview with Reporter Alex Fashandi

Interview with Reporter Natasha Petrenko

Interview with Reporter Nicole Sroka

Interview with Reporter Chris Katsaros

Interview with Reporter Kate Perschke

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