Special ReportThe New Illinois Veterans

Infographic: Profile of Illinois Post-9/11 Veterans

By Emily Gilmer

Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

By Emily Gilmer

Veterans returning home from active duty face many challenges, especially since a large number of veterans are returning now and overwhelming the benefits systems.

The Social IMPACT Research Center, part of the Heartland Alliance, gathered data on Illinois veterans with a focus on new post-9/11 veterans to better understand the challenges they face upon their return to civilian life.

“Younger veterans usually have higher unemployment rates, lower incomes, and lower education,” Lindy Carrow of the Social IMPACT Research Center said.

According to Carrow, new veterans are facing more challenges than veterans from previous eras. The number of female veterans is also growing, creating new challenges for the government as it works to provide services to female veterans.

The infographic below documents some of the challenges faced by new veterans, including education and unemployment difficulties.

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