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Infographic: Some Vets Struggle After Military

By John Zaccari

Posted: Friday, Nov. 22, 2013

After leaving the military, new veterans are having trouble reentering into civilian life, and organizations like the Social Impact Research Center aim to identify the roots of these issues.

A recent study conducted by the Social Impact Research Center says there are currently 76,000 new veterans living in Illinois who have served since 2001, and these veterans are having increased difficulty making a living. 

The majority of these new veterans are in their 20′s or younger, and typically don’t have much education past high school.This can lead to problems when trying to find employment. On top of this, many new veterans are also parents, with some raising their children alone.

“We noticed there wasn’t much information available about veterans on the state and local levels,” said Lindy Carrow, a research associate for the Social Impact Research Center. “For that reason, some of these problems were going largely unnoticed.”

During a talk with journalism students at DePaul University, Carrow discussed that once data on veterans specifically living in Illinois was analyzed, one could clearly see the scale of these issues.

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