Poll: The Impact of the NATO Summit

NATO LogoBy Paul Tadalan
The Red Line Project

Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beginning Tuesday, the Occupy and anti-NATO protestors will begin their “31 magical days,” a month-long movement taking effect in cities around the world as the 2012 NATO summit approaches.

Some project as many as 50,000 protestors could  assemble in Chicago’s Grant Park, and according to a blog post titled, “The May 2012 Insurrection,” the Occupy movement will be armed with the following message:

[We will tell] the military elites there to stop their saber rattling against Iran, halt the global arms race and get behind what the majority of the people on Earth want: a nuclear-free world starting with a nuclear-free Middle East that includes both Iran and Israel.”

Your own voice is just as important. Do you feel the message sent by Occupy has a chance of not only reaching the ears of world leaders, but influencing the decisions whithech impact our future? 

Please take a moment to listen to the audio instructions and answer the poll below. Leave a comment and let your own voice be heard.


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