Loyola: Transition Rogers Park Meetings Encourage Residents to Reshape Their Community

Loyola Stop IconBy Nimrah Pervez                                                                                    
The Red Line Project

Posted: Tuesday, March 1, 2011                                                                                

Transition Rogers Park, a neighborhood group founded around the Transition Town Initiative, held a workshop Feb. 28 in an effort to continue to form a self-reliant community.

The workshop, entitled “How to make Miso,” was held at fellow Transition member Milton Dixon’s home.

"We want to share our skills with one another, making our community close, but also self reliant,” Dixon said. 

Attended by 15 other members of the community, the workshop focused on how to make miso, but also community ties.

 Rogers Park resident Jamie Franz, a first-time meeting attendee, said,  “It’s nice to learn something, sure. But also, we get to know our neighbors, which is great.” 

As a part of their mission statement, Transition Rogers Park aims for inclusiveness as well as sharing talents and resources with neighbors.

“If we all pool together to help on another and teach one another, we make our community stronger,” said Dixon.

Members also discussed the up and coming March 15 Rogers Park Farm meeting.

“The Rogers Park Farm is about creating an urban food system in Rogers Park," said Pam Richart, who is organizing the event. "It is just getting off the ground, so we are excited for the first meeting.” 

Transition Rogers Park members said they hope to create a self reliance in their neighborhoods through their food, transportation, energy, commerce, education and more.

“We have got to power down, and learn how to use the natural resources around us again,“ Dixon said.

Other events planned by the group include community garden meetings, how-to workshops, and informational meetings on the effects of climate change, peak oil, and the economy.

“I think we can transform Rogers Park, and hopefully other communities as well. Plus, this group gives the neighborhood a local feel, which is great when you live in a big city like Chicago” Franz said.

Founded in 2009, Transition Rogers Park is continuing to grow and create new outlets to improve the neighborhood. The Initiating Group meetings, held bi-monthly, is the starting place.

“Anyone is welcome to come see what we have proposed for 2011, and to propose ideas themselves,” Dixon said. “It’s a community effort, so the more the merrier.”

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