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Map: Rent Rates Across Major U.S. Cities

By Haley BeMiller

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2014

Owning property is no longer as attractive as it used to be, so many have turned to renting — especially in big cities.

This map, created with StoryMap JS, a new tool by Knight Lab, analyzes rent rates for homes, condos and apartments in the top 25 largest U.S. cities by population. Using data from Zillow, the map compares median costs from March 2010 and March 2014.

Rates in several cities increased between 2010 and 2014 — Boston being the biggest culprit — but others have seen an unexpected decline, such as San Diego.

Chicago has many renters in neighborhoods that border the Red Line. Chicago was among the city's with the higher increases, with a 27.5 percent change.

* Note: Because of a change in Google Drive, StoryMaps are not showing up in Safari browsers. We're doing a work-around, so in the meantime, use Firefox or Google Chrome. They're better, anyway.

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