Fullerton: Snow Days Give DePaul Students a Chance to Play

Snow in the middle of the quad

The quad on DePaul's Lincoln Park campus was quiet on this
night, even after the snow was cleared. (Photo by Philip Shilling)

Fullerton Stop IconBy Philip Shilling
The Red Line Project
Posted: Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011

Midterms loomed and more than 20 inches of snow sat on the ground, but that didn't stop some DePaul students from having a little fun on their snow days.

The third-largest snowfall in Chicago history brought the city to a crawl and closed DePaul's campuses from Tuesday afternoon to Friday morning. But some students on the Lincoln Park campus found some time to have a good time.

Anna Piltaposki, 23, from Chicago, said she participated in an epic snowball fight that flooded the Lincoln Park campus quad on Wednesday night.

"After digging my car out, I got to go sledding and be a little kid," she said. "Having the snowball fight at school was especially after spending three hours shoveling my car out."

For a short amount of time, the students forgot that they had to catch up on homework and filled the campus with the sounds of laughter and screaming as they pummeled each other with the snow.

Bonnie Bright, 22 from Detroit, said she and her classmates needed the break.

" This was a nice time to chill for a while," she said. "I needed to catch on homework anyway and this is the exact remedy. I'm glad it kept snowing other then worrying about how i'm going to get to wrk, but whatever it was fun."

This was the first time DePaul has closed since 1999, when the second-largest snowfall hit the campus (1967 is the record). The blizzard of 2011 -- nicknamed Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snotorious B.I.G, among others, on social media -- gave DePaul student Kelly Sloan, 20, from Michigan, a quality break from classes.

"We made vegan chocolate chip cookies and was a good excuse to spend time with my friends," she said.

Fullerton El Stop Photo (Photo by Philip Shilling)

The aftermath of the blizzard off the Fullerton El stop. (Photo by Philip Shilling)

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