Tracking Campaign Finance Dollars: Who Are the Biggest Donors?

By Tom Ackerman |  @RedLineProject | Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2020


It’s time to vote, and it’s important to follow the money before you head to the polls. 

The graphic below sources data from opensecrets.org to highlight significant and relevant campaign finance points, from now compared to the 2016 cycle.

The information focuses on money being received by candidates and who is footing the bill.

Some donor options involve federal reporting and others like Dark Money options do not always require reporting, and may even be IRS exempt if they fall into educational or membership building categories.

The site notes that rulings about the categories change over time, but it’s important to note which organizations remain top spenders who have organized decades ago, among other relevant points in the history.

It may or may not surprise potential voters that more than 27,000 voters contribute to both Democrat and Republican pools, while the majority of contributors give to Democrat groups, by about twice the contributors. However, Republican donors tend to give more, as shown by the difference in totals.

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