Rush Tends to Sick Wife on Election Night

By Kikora Mason and Jennifer McCall

PostedWednesday, Nov. 7, 2012

Representing the Illinois 1st District, Rep. Bobby Rush won by a grand slam against Mayor Donald Peloquin. Rush had 143,562 votes to Peloquin's 43,885.

With 99 percent of the votes tallied, Rush earned 74 percent of the vote, while Peloquin only had 26 percent. Rush raised $465,740 for his campaign while Peloquin only raised about $95,486.

The balance of power in Congress will remain unchanged as Republicans still control the House of Representatives and Democrats control the Senate.

Rush was not able to take part in the celebration Tuesday night. His 20-year career of public service was put on hold as he rushed to the side of his ailing wife in the hospital—which also made him inaccessible for interviews post-election.

“It’s a great night for [President Obama], but this is life, you know? Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad,” said Rush’s press secretary, Reneé Ferguson.

In light of last night’s victory, the Congressman has said he believes the President’s win was attributed to his groundwork he has been putting in for years. Both Rush and Obama are passionate about strengthening middle class citizens. When Obama lost to Rush in the 2000 Congressional races, Rush says he worked harder than ever before to obtain wins in the future.

The election wrapped up a little after 1 a.m. with President Obama earning 303 electoral votes to former governor Mitt Romney’s, 206. For majority of the night, the race was pretty neck-in-neck with Obama getting 50 percent of the vote and Romney getting 48 percent.

In his speech last night, Obama said he appreciated all the hard work his campaign put in, but the real work is just beginning.

“My campaign has lifted me up all the way…I will return to the White House more determined and inspired than ever,” said Obama.

He continued, “It’s not about what can be done for us, it’s about what can be done by us.”

As the winner in Illinois, Rush intends to focus on job security, pushing for the development and expansion of small businesses throughout his district, particularly the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Program, which seeks to ensure small businesses are able to compete fairly for federally funded transportation-related projects.

Rush made headlines earlier this year for being thrown off the House of Representatives floor for wearing a hoodie in protest of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Rush is no stranger to fighting for justice and focusing on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable—typically low-income and middle-class families and communities.

Respected by his constituency, Rush has served as the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection during the 111th Congress.

He also cares deeply about the issues of energy independence and climate change—he fully supports President Obama in helping the country reach that independence within the next decade. He strives to reduce the country’s dependence on oil and focusing on expanding cleaner sources of electricity.

Over the years, he has brought more than $1 billion to his district in Illinois. Recently, he obtained a $4.9 million federal grant in order for completion of the Bronzeville Metra Station.

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