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UpdatedFriday, Nov. 23, 2012

Obama Re-Elected

Obama Speech PhotoObama Wins Key Swing States
President wins Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and other swing states, then delivers early morning victory speech at McCormick Place.  Related:

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  • Photo: Obama said "the best is yet to come" during his speech. (Photo/Brianna Kelly)

The Homeless Vote

Homeless Vote PhotoVoter Registration for Chicago's Homeless
Thousands of homeless people across the nation vote in elections. Meet two people who are trying to get more Chicago homeless registered.

Photo: Henry J. Williams, a homeless registered voter and advocate for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. (Photo/Nikara Johns)

Congressional Races

Duckworth Photo8th District: Duckworth Wins Bitter Battle
Tammy Duckworth survived a brutal 8th Congressional District race with Tea Party Candidate Joe Walsh in a showdown that included mudslinging campaign ads. Related:

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Photo: Tammy Duckworth talks to supporters and media at her victory party.
 (Photo/Monica Kucera)

Republicans React

Republican Party PhotoTough Night for Romney Supporters
Illinois Republicans' party turned somber when later results for Romney started to roll in. Related:

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Photo: Romney supporters watch the results come in. (Photo/Julian Zeng)

2nd Congressional District

Jesse Jackson Jr. PhotoJackson Jr. Resigns Amid Controversy
While battling a bipolar disorder and a federal investigation into his campaign financing, Jesse Jackson Jr. has resigned from his 2nd congressional district seat. A special election -- which could cost more than $1 million -- will be held to find a replacement. Related:

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Photo: Jesse Jackson Jr. (center) spoke at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. (Photo/Studio 8 Denver via Creative Commons)

Election Day

Pilsen PhotoPrecinct Problems Plague Pilsen
Redistricting in the Pilsen neighborhood on the Southwest Side left some voters confused about where to go on Election Day.

Photo: The Rudy Lozano library branch was one of the Pilsen polling places. (Photo/Clayton Guse)


Election Analysis

Mezey PhotoFew Surprises on Election Night
Obama's performance in swing counties in some states were factors in election night.

Photo: DePaul professor Michael Mezey breaks down election trends. (Photo/Josclynn Brandon)


Voter's Guide

Voter's Guide: Key Races, Polls, Maps
Use the interactive voter's guide to vote in polls for the presidential and key Illinois races. (Photo/iStockPhoto) Related:

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Latino Voters

Rey Colon PhotoWill the Latino Vote Show in Chicago?
Statistics show that the Latino vote is growing and becoming one of the most powerful with both national and local elections. But stats also show that Latinos don't always turn out for some elections. Related:

Photo: 35th Ward Ald. Rey Colon.
 (Photo/Zoe Barker)


Third-Party Candidates

Third Party PhotoLaws Restrictive for Third-Party Candidates
Voters have more than two choices on Election Day. Meet some of the third-party candidates and what they think of Illinois laws that try to keep them off the ballot.

Video: Interview with Illinois Green Party chairman

(Photo/Connie Ma via Creative Commons)

Early Voting

Early Voter PhotoEarly Voting the Ticket for Some
Just like in 2008, convenience has some Chicago voters going to the polls up to two weeks before Election Day.

Photo: Voters punch in early on touch screens. (Photo/Angelica Robinson)


Obama Campaign

William Gross PhotoDePaul Student Gets Hands-on Experience with Obama Campaign
DePaul junior William Gross juggles two jobs and classes, but finds his work with the Obama campaign to be a great investment in his future.

Photo: William Gross (second from left) with fellow Obama interns. (Courtesy photo)

Third Presidential Debate

Third Debate PhotoThird Debate Social Media Coverage
Social media highlights from the final presidential debate Monday night. Related:

Photo: Obama and Romney start the third debate. (Multimediaimpre via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Race and Religion

Dr. Valerie Johnson PhotoRace, Religion Playing a Smaller Role
DePaul professors Dr. Valerie Johnson and Scott Hibbard discuss race and religion -- and how they factor in the presidential race. Related:

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Photo: Dr. Valerie Johnson talks about the role race plays in the presidential election. (Photo/Josclynn Brandon)

The Young Vote

Rebecca Reynolds PhotoChicago Votes Organization Targets the Young Demographic
Some say they're cynical and apathetic, but many young voters in Chicago not only want to get involved in elections -- they already are. Related:

DePaul Democrats: Chris Wernecke
Chicago Young Republicans: Brian Matos
DePaul's Black Student Union: Taylor Moody

Photo: Rebecca Reynolds discusses young voters. (Photo/Julian Zeng)

Understanding Elections

Scott Hibbard PhotoElections 101: How Do They Work?
The Red Line Project sat down with five DePaul University professors and broke down how elections work:

Scott Hibbard: Religion in a campaign
Michael Mezey: The Electoral College
Bruce Newman: Political marketing
H. Peter Steeves: Voter turnout
Wayne Steger: Campaign 101

Photo: Scott Hibbard in his DePaul office. (Photo/Irish Mae Silvestre)

Second Presidential Debate

Debate Photo
Debate Coverage from Hofstra University
The Red Line Project is running preview stories and coverage by Hofstra University's Long Island Report from Tuesday's presidential debate on that campus. Related:

Preview: Karl Rove on young voters

Photo: The town hall debate begins. (Photo/Long Island Report Instagram)

Media and Elections

Randi Belisomo PhotoPanel Explores Media's Role in Elections
From social media to traditional media, reporting plays a huge part in shaping coverage, regardless of medium. Related:

Video: Panelists discuss media's role
Vice-presidential debate: Social media coverage
Election 2012: Preview guide
Voter's guide: Races, polls and maps

Photo: WGN TV reporter Randi Belisomo makes a point. (Photo/Josclynn Brandon)

Foreign Policy

Callahan PhotoForeign Policy Can Define Presidency
DePaul Professor Patrick Callahan (right) discusses the role of foreign policy and the elections. (Photo/Angelica Robinson)

Presidential Debates

Ben Epstein PhotoDebates Helpful to Voters, But Not the Final Straw in Election Decision
Political science professors Cathy Day and Ben Epstein (left) discussed the impact of debates and political ads. (Photo/Monica Carter)


Cook County Clerk's Office

Election Graphic IconImproved Mail-in System May Help Increase Suburban Cook County Voting Returns
A new mail-sorting machine and procedures for handling absentee ballots may produce better results on Election Day in suburban Cook County, according to the county clerk's office. 

Chicago Board of Elections

Jim Allen MugshotChicago Board of Elections Using Online Tool to Attract Young Voters
Board of Elections Communications Director Jim Allen (left) hopes a new online voter registration tracking page will help more people -- particularly young voters -- register.

Political Coverage

Mary Ann Ahern Photo Ahern: Balancing Ethics and Diplomacy a Challenge with Political Coverage
NBC 5 political reporter Mary Ann Ahern (left) discussed covering the upcoming elections, the recent Chicago teachers strike and her infamous interviews with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


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