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Chicago Dry Precincts Map Photo

Map: Assaults in City's Dry Precincts

The City of Chicago still has several dry precincts. This searchable map places April 2014 assaults against those precincts and found interesting results. More maps:

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Chicago Among Rising Rent Leaders

Chicagoans had a 27.5 percent average increase in rent since 2010. Search this map for some of the highest increases in rent around the nation.  More:

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Chicago Sidewalk

City Lags in Broken Sidewalk Repairs

The Chicago Stumbler and NBC 5 Investigates teamed to use public records to examine poor city sidewalk conditions. Related:

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Data Viz: World Cup by the Numbers

Read StoryMap profiles of all 32 teams competing. Tour the stadiums in Brazil and see a breakdown of key World Cup stats and attendance figures.

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