What You Need to Know About the Ventra Card

By Andrew Rodriguez

Posted: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013

Ventra cards will be available to all CTA riders and on Pace’s fixed route buses on Sept. 9.

Here are four key questions and answers about the new cards and system from

1. What is Ventra?

Ventra is the new way to pay for the CTA and Pace.

People pull out their Ventra Card, tap the card reader on buses and at train stations, and they’re ready to get on their way.

They can choose the way to pay that works best for them.

Options include the Ventra Card, Ventra single-ride or one-day tickets or people’s personal contactless bankcard.

Those who currently use a reduced fare permit will be sent a new card that will be accepted on the Ventra System.

2. Where do people get Ventra?

Ventra lets riders use a single card to pay for transit on the CTA & Pace.

Ventra Cards are available at more retail locations throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs than ever before. People can find a retailer near them online.

In addition, people can purchase cards at Ventra Vending Machines at CTA rail stations, online or over the phone at 1.877.NOW VENTRA.

3. How do CTA riders use Ventra vending machines?

CTA riders will have to simply follow the directions on the screen of the vending machines.

They will be able to easily purchase Ventra Cards or single-ride and one-day tickets.

People will also have the option to add passes or transit value to their Ventra Card at no extra cost.

Plus, all machines will accept credit and debit cards, so riders will be able to complete their transaction quickly and get on their way.

The new Ventra Vending Machines will be available at all CTA train stations through Chicago, helping to make people’s commute easy and efficient.

 4. How do people manage their Ventra account?

After people have registered their Ventra Transit Account, they can manage their account online.

It allows people to add passes and transit value free of charge.

They can even set it to auto-load, check transit balances and view their detailed transit history to help keep everything on track.

People can also call 1.877.NOW.VENTRA and their automated system will guide them through easy steps to manage their account by phone.

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