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Coverage of the CPS Teachers Strike


Posted: Friday, Oct. 18, 2019

 Red Line Project reporters cover the strike with Twitter and Google Trends.

Twitter Coverage and Video


Google Trends: Searches on the Chicago Public Schools Strike

Chicago Public Schools have a total of 642 schools, 118 of them are charter schools and 524 are district schools. In the Chicagoland area, that’s around 32,000 publicly employed teachers.

On Thursday Oct. 17, the Chicago Teachers Union launched a strike affecting about more than 360,000 students and their families.

The strike was organized by the CTU because of failure to agree on a contract with Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot. The CTU is the nation’s third largest school district. They want a written contract for their requests, not verbal commitments as they have already been promised, but not received, from the district.

The CTU requested more support staff, such as social workers, nurses and librarians, to provide assistance that teachers cannot always offer. Also, limits of class sizes which have gone up to high 30s and in some cases, mid 40s. This is not allowing teachers to provide specific needs to every child.

According to an analysis of Google search data on Google Trends over the past week, the searches for strike action were higher than Chicago Public Schools. But they both had a strong connection. - Jaqueline Terrazas


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