Wanna Get Away? These Parks Take Social Distancing to Extreme

By Brody Ford |  @RedLineProject | Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

If you’re working remotely, you might as well do it within view of nature. Travelling to cities would be irresponsible during a pandemic, but national parks provide a great way to have fun while social distancing.

Thanks to the National Park Service’s Visitor Use Statistics, we can see which parks are the most suitable to escape crowds. Popular parks like Great Smoky Mountains or Grand Canyon receive millions of visitors a year. Meanwhile, parks like Isle Royale or North Cascades receive less than 50,000 visitors.

These low-visitor parks are just as beautiful, but with a fraction of the crowds. They may be a bit of a trek compared to more popular parks, but are worth the trip.

This infographic only includes national parks in the lower 48. Otherwise, nearly all of them would be in Alaska. Click on the pinpoints to read more about the park.

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