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Road To Recovery: The Illinois Post-Pandemic Plan

By Aliya Budman |  @RedLineProject | Posted: Thursday, June 18, 2020

As the United States slowly begins to repair itself from the physical, emotional, and economical damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, each state is creating its own path to recovery. In Illinois, a five-phase plan was created in hopes of safely reopening the state as efficiently as possible.

The Restore Illinois Plan divides Illinois into four regions: Northeast Illinois; North-Central Illinois; Central Illinois; and Southern Illinois. It was said that through this division, the state can better manage and keep track of cases/ hospital admissions and that each region could progress independently through the phases from other regions. Illinois is currently in Phase 3 of the plan, with hopes of moving into Phase 4 by the end of June.

Each region can be impacted by the virus differently, but whether or not a region can move on to the next phase of the Reopening Plan is highly dependent on the level of positivity rate. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, out of the total tests performed (1,100,002), there has been 129,837 positive cases, along with a 92% recovery rate. While its clear that the areas with the most amount of positive tests are found in more populated areas such as the city of Chicago and St. Louis, the amount of positive cases are also spread out pretty equally throughout the state.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, Illinois is currently one of thirty-three states that meet positivity recommendations of less than or equal to 5%, having a positivity rate of 4.76%. Although its percentage is higher than other states’, it still shows that Illinois is making progress.

According to admissions data presented by the IDPH, Illinois has shown significant signs of progress within the last 14 days. Positivity percentage has decreased, hospital availability has greatly increased, ICU bed availability has increased, and much more. Overall each region presented in the Restore Illinois Plan has shown great progression in moving toward Phase 4 of recovery, and hopefully it will continue to follow that way.

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