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Posted: Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

Chicago Homicides Increase in August

August was the deadliest month in Chicago in 20 years. During August, according to Chicago’s Police department, they have documented 75 gun-related homicides in one weekend. Documenting such crimes is necessary for future understanding that can help prevent such atrocities. Many of the families of slain victims and have not seen justice. It all started Aug. 4 – the midpoint of the most violent weekend this year in Chicago.

It saw 75 people shot and only one alleged shooter has been charged. There is much debate to be discussed relating to Chicago police’s investigations of cases. Crime reporter for the Chicago Tribune Jeremy Gorner has come forward to explain the lake of convictions for criminal cases. Stating “residents and crime experts agree that consistently the Chicago police do not hold those who commit violence accountable.” Such discourse has cast a shadow on the entire city.

One useful tool for presenting such recordings of crime data can be shown by mapping the location of the incidents. Below is a map intended to share records of gun-related homicides in Chicago during summer 2018. Each pinpoint is a shooting victim who has lost their life as a result of gun violence. Data represents a number of victims, not shooting incidents.

Homicides tend to peak in the summer months. The high number of casualties underscore an ongoing discussion over violence in Chicago. -- Kevin Sherman


Divvy Bike Stations by Aldermanic Ward

Within the city of Chicago, Divvy stations are being built at a extremely high rate. How are these locations chosen and based off what criteria?

To whether Divvy stations are being placed where they are needed or convenient to the electives that represent Chicago, the locations were mapped by aldermanic ward offices in the city. -- Tate Anderson



How Effective Are Speed and Red-Light Cameras in Chicago?

This map represents 50 speed camera locations, 50 red-light cameras and 50 recent traffic crashes in Chicago. The data is retrieved from the Chicago Data Portal. -- Laura Skindariarte



Chicago Restaurants That Failed Health Inspections

Chicago has a reputation of being one of America’s great food cities. However, for all of the great eateries this city has to offer, there are also those which have failed the city’s health inspections for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately, these often tend to be for disgusting reasons. And in some cases, the violations committed are completely avoidable.

According to the City of Chicago’s data portal, close to 34,000 health inspections have been failed. Here is a map of 20 restaurants which failed health inspections in recent years according to the City of Chicago’s data portal available at data.cityofchicago.org. -- Tony Mazzarri


Chicago's WORST Restaurants

 Here is a map showing the worst places to eat in Chicago according to Thrillist. -- Aixa Gomez



Chicago's 10 Best Trails and Parks

Are you currently training for the Chicago Marathon and looking to switch up your routine or are you looking to step out of your comfort zone on your next run? Fitt Chicago has compiled a list of the best running trails and parks in Chicago that every runner should experience.

Unsure how to get there or afraid of what you may encounter? The map below features starting and exit points, lengths of the trails and a short description of what you might find and see on your run–making you even want to slow down to see them!

The miles and level of difficulty were taken from All Trails‘ criteria. -- Areli Quintana



Historic Sites to Visit in Chicago

When most people think of Chicago, Illinois, they think of the Willis Tower, Chicago-style hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, and baseball games. However, there are many different historic landmarks that have been identified by the United States government throughout the Chicagoland area.

Knowing Chicago’s history is essential for understanding its cultural identity and the people that inhabited the area. Whether one is a tourist or native to Chicago there is always somewhere to go that provides a sense of the city’s history.

Chicago has one of the most historic ballparks in the United States, Wrigley Field, which is the home of the major league baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. Noteworthy individuals that resided in Illinois were George M. PullmanJohn GlessnerJane Addams, and Ira Couch. The Google Map below lists the highest-ranked historical sites located in Chicago, Illinois, according to USA Today’s ten best historic sites in Chicago. -- Christina Welky



10 Hotel Lobbies to Visit in Chicago

“Hotel Exploring”

It’s an activity that I share with my sister. Sometimes, we do this to pass time in the city without breaking the bank. We walk inside hotel lobbies, look for their artwork, architecture, and marvel at the extravagant decor. Finally, we find a comfy couch to relax on and watch other guests enjoy their visit to the city.

When I walk into a new building, I feel like a detective trying to crack the mystery. If one catches our eye, we take a bit of a dig online and try to find the history behind it. Some are ordinary with little to tell, while others have me on the edge of my seat. My curiosity increases and I wonder if there are secrets behind the cold marble walls and stained glass windows.

Websites, like Historic Hotels of America archive history about historic hotels and any other interesting facts. Additionally, other bloggers have written lists about their personal favorite hotels in Chicago so you can always find a new place to visit. Out of all the hotel lobbies I’ve visited, there are a few that I keep returning to. I’ve compiled a list of 10 hotel lobbies to visit in Chicago using Google MyMaps. -- Michelle Campos



Chicago's 10 Best Thrift Stores

Department stores and fast fashion stores are out in 2018 and thrift stores are in. The best perks of thrifting are: saving gobs of money, having fun digging for goodies and actually having unique pieces that nobody else has.

These top 10 thrift/vintage stores are definitely ones to check out, ranging all the way from the trendy neighborhood of Wicker Park, the past paced River North and down to the up and coming town of Pilsen.

If you’re not already thrifting your clothing, these are some great spots to start shopping and exploring the booming industry of second-hand clothing in Chicago. -- Ally Gawrys



10 Music Videos Filmed in Chicago

Music Videos often showcase beautiful scenery to enhance a song or to give meaning to a song. Chicago is known for it’s beautiful skyline and some artist have shown appreciation of this beautiful city by showcasing some of it in their music videos.

The city has beautiful venues that are showcased in some of the videos. Chicago is the hometown of artist such as Chance the Rapper, Jamila Woods and Kanye West, all who have payed tribute to this city with their music. Other artist such as Bon Jovi, The Fray and more have showed Chicago through their lens. -- Stephanie Escobar



15 Most Affordable Cities to Live (and Chicago Isn't One of Them)

Finding the perfect home is hard enough let alone the right city. Devon Thorsby, a Real Estate editor at U.S. News, used a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. residents to break down the top 15 affordable metro areas to live in.

These cities might have not of been on your radar but the perks might catch your attention. Imagine only having to use 25 percent of your household income on living expenses. That leaves you with a lot more spending money. Take a look and see if the move is worth it. -- Antonia Acuna



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