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Chicago Mapped: The Who, What, When and Where of the Windy City


Posted: Monday, Oct. 18, 2017

 Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. From the 'burbs to the Loop, we're broken into small networks and communities. One way to bridge those communities is through looking at common interests of those communities ... through maps. This project, compiled by University of Illinois-Chicago communication students, outlines interesting things to do around the city ...

What Are Chicago's Best Concert Venues?

Some of the best concerts take place in real places. Don’t get me wrong, music festivals are awesome, but when Chicago winter hits you with full force, nothing is better than taking refuge inside a warm, indoor venue where you can dance the cold away.

I’ve been to more concerts in Chicago music venues than I can even dream to count, so I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Chicago concert venues. Check it out in this interactive map. - Sonia Vavra


Where Are Chicagoland's Best Apple Orchards?

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and stores are filled with ghosts and ghouls. Fall is here, and it’s time for some festive fun.

One of my favorite fall activities is apple picking, since there’s nothing more delicious than biting into an fresh crisp apple. But living in the city means that you have to do some traveling to get to an orchard.

Check out the interactive map below to see some of the best locations for apple picking around the city. Click on each icon to find out prices and a link to the website. Many of these places offer hay rides, country stores, and other activities great for children and adults alike, so be sure to check out their sites. - Andrea Zelen



What Are Some of Chicago's Offbeat Eateries?

Chicago has a number of interesting dining spots to explore, and you’d be surprised what hidden gems there are throughout this busy city. Some boast unique flavors, others offer themed decor, and others create dining experiences that completely transform your meal.

Discover somewhere new with this map for the top 10 offbeat place to eat in the Windy City. From bars, restaurants, bakeries, food stands, and more, there’s something for every preference and price range. - Cathryn Mathers


Where Are Chicago's Hottest Brunch Spots? 

Whether you’re a Chicago native or a soon-to-be tourist, I have compiled a top 10 list of  brunch spots in Chicago. This list is based off my own personal brunching experience, as well as some recommendations based on popular Chicago-based websites such as Chicago’s Best, Choose Chicago, and Chicago Magazine.

I chose these brunch spots based on what tourists who visit Chicago go to, popularity, and spots that I have tried and enjoyed. There is a good mix between Irish, Southwestern, American, Latin, etc., so you’re bound to find something you’ll love!

These top 10 brunch spots are in different neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, so no matter where you’re at, you can find the perfect spot for you and your friends.

Did you see any of your favorite brunch spots on the map? Take the poll below, and if you didn’t see yours, add it to the list!

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you look for when searching for a new brunch spot. - Jessica Letona


Which Chicago High Schools Produce the Most NBA Talent?

When people think Chicago basketball, it is easy to single out the undeniable phenomenon of the Jordan/Pippen Era Bulls. These Chicago Bulls were a staple in the NBA Finals in the 90’s, winning six Championships, and three-peating twice in that span.

But far from the main-stage glory of the 90’s Bulls, the development for some of the NBA’s past, present, and future stars was and is taking place in the high schools of Chicago.

In this Google Map,  I chronicled and ranked the  high schools in Chicago or suburban Illinois responsible for the development and sculpting of some of the NBA’s biggest and most successful names in terms of what the players went on to accomplish. Many of these players won championships at the amateur and professional level, some in both.

Some notable observations from this map include: the production by Chicago high schools of “flashy” players like Tim Hardaway Sr., who many credit with the pioneering of the crossover, and 2006 Finals MVP Dwyane Wade. Two NBA regular-season MVP’s in Derrick Rose, the youngest in league history, and Kevin Garnett progressing in south and west—respectively—side academies. Some of these players are recognized not only for their athleticism, but for their minds, as players with high basketball IQ later becoming head coaches like Maurice Cheeks and Doc Rivers attended high schools in Chicago. -- Ernesto Solano





Where Do I Celebrate Fall in Chicago?

Fall has officially begun, and while Chicago has a reputation for blistering winters and cold weather, every year we see four distinct and beautiful seasons.

Fall in Chicago is full of bright, colorful leaves, and temperate weather, as well as many fall themed events all over the city and suburbs. From movie nights in Navy Pier, to the Lincoln Park Zoo Fall Fest, to the Arts in the Dark Parade, Chicago is brimming with fall festivity for all ages and interests. Make the most of this evanescent fall season before the cold blows in. 

Many of the events mapped below are free and open to the public, but some require the purchase of tickets or payment of entrance fees. Visit the events’ websites for more information. Comment below about your experiences at these fall events or which is your favorite. - Sarah Basheer



Want Sushi? Here's Chicago's Best ...

Sushi is not tried by most but should be liked by all. People have misjudgments about the Japanese cuisine being raw or fishy but they are wrong if they think that is all sushi is.

As one of my favorite foods, I have ventured out to try different types of sushi that would appeal to a lot of people who favor seafood or fried food by the incorporation of fried shrimp, vegetables, seafood, tofu, etc. This popular dish is featured at some great restaurants around Chicago. - Sheryl Carter


Where Are the Best Places to Watch High School Baseball?

 If you love baseball like I do, then you follow every pitch from the pros to the little league rs. In between is the passionate game of High School Baseball.  The Chicagoland area has a remarkable amount of quality places to watch some talented athletes show off their skills on the diamond.  

Apologies to all the tremendous places to see the game played the right way on the North and West sides of town, because I could map out 15 to 20 more sites to see the game, the assignment called for just ten.  So I decided to show my roots of the side of town I grew up on, the South Side of Chicago. The list was tough to determine, Mt. Carmel High School, with its wonderful tucked away field in the Hyde Park neighborhood, De LaSalle High School with the left field fence just underneath the Green Line El stop in the Bronzeville neighborhood, didn’t quite make the list.  

Also just missing the list was Thornton Fractional North, because how cool is it for high school students to play under the lights in their home stadium, but I took winning programs into account when compiling the map. - Noah Nowicki




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