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Best of Chicago: Mapping the City


Posted: Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

Architecture: Chicago's Changing Landscape

Chicago is a city that is seeing a continuously-growing skyline. In the last few decades, there has been an increase in construction in and around the downtown area. The neighborhoods are becoming more dense, and the buildings constructed end up changing the entire city's skyline as they continue to rise.

Currently, we are experiencing a construction "boom," one which is also seeing some of the tallest buildings being constructed in nearly a decade, and one which is also seeing the city's skyline and high rises expanding west and south, beyond what we typically consider Downtown Chicago. Here is a map of ten high rises proposed and under construction that are going to change the skyline for both the city and the individual neighborhoods they're located in, as well as changing what goes on at street-level. - Tony Mazzarri

I compiled this list of 10 skyscrapers in downtown Chicago that I find interesting. Chicago is home to many skyscrapers, old and new, that make our skyline one of the most beautiful skylines in the country. Each of the buildings are extremely unique which is why I added them to the list. - Todor Stoyanov

Chicago's Best: Business and Dining

The Great Migration to Chicago occurred from 1916-1970. As a result, a large influx of black southerners moved North to escape the oppression of the South. Chicago became a hub for black prosperity in an urban setting. Black Americans found themselves able to express their creative individualism while maintaining a collective identity.

They did this by opening their own businesses which included restaurants serving food from the diaspora. Contemporarily, there has been a movement to support and uplift black-owned businesses. The map below lists multiple locations, with various options from the diasporic foods to choose from for those interested in exposing themselves to different cultural foods and supporting your local black-owned businesses. -- Alexandra Desrosiers

Here are some ideas of my favorite late-night food spots in Chicago. Everything from sushi to pizza, you can find it on my map. -- Maeve O'Donovan

Chicago ranks among the best for skyscraper buildings, beautiful landscapes and really cool restaurants. Thirty-eight restaurants in the city are ranked to be the best restaurants given by food critics. These restaurants are gorgeous in decor, culinary arts and overall, an excellent service.

One thing that can be noted within the map, however, is that many of these restaurants are located toward the Downtown or North Side. What about the side of town that has great food that's ready to go? Chicago's West Side offers many restaurants, ranging from tacos and burgers to Mexican and Jamaican. The West Side also has great stand-in restaurants, especially with the legendary, Jimmy's Red Hots (1952), coming in at second for best hot dog spots. - Majestic Jordan

If you enjoy Chicago and enjoy having a good time this map can guide your next night out. Chicago has many music venues to offer. This map contains venues that appeal to all different genres of music.

Some, like the Aragon Ballroom, is located inside and intertwined with astounding architecture. While others, like Grant Park, offer wicked views of the city skyline. No matter rain or shine or that Chicago wind, there are plenty of music venues to go around. -- Savannah Panagos

Chicago is known for its infinite amount of restaurants, including places for breakfast or brunch. There are hot spots all over the city, but as I live on the West Side of the Chicago River, my top 10 list is heavily weighed to Wicker Park, Bucktown and Ukrainian Village, with one or two exceptions.

This map lists my favorite spots to indulge in breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Enjoy. -- Maclaine Purdy

My map documents 10 great pizza places to try around UIC. Each location offers its own unique atmosphere as well as many varieties of pizza. Each restaurant is located within walking distance or a short drive from the UIC campus.

Whether you want a late-night slice, or a fancy stuffed pie, this list surely has pizza that everyone will love. -- Jake Jozefowicz

The list below of the top 15 dessert shops in Chicago is based on my own opinion, though if I did include a description from another source, I credited them.

Some of these shops had multiple locations in the Chicago area and I just randomly chose one of them. -- Kelly McGowan

Chicago by far is one of the best places to indulge in one of the tastiest creations known to man, doughnuts. Knowing where to look for the perfect doughnut is when the fun begins as not all are created equal.

Whether the classic glazed or high-end unique doughnut tickles your fancy, you'll find what you're looking for in this map. So, "doughnut" just stand there with a glazed expression, check out my top 10 places to get a donut in Chicago And remember that the center of a doughnut is 100-percent fat free. -- Claudia Uysaloglu

Chicago Mapped: Trends and Interesting Places

Chicago is filled with murals and walls that are worth snapping a picture. The city is full of art that artists from all over the country have come just to paint a mural. While the majority of these paintings have a meaning, everyone admires them differently. Some see pure art while others see architecture.

Now put both together and you get a perfect Instagram worthy picture. To all of those Instagram junkies who enjoy finding new aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, take a look at the top 10 that will sure to get you those Instagram likes. -- Antonia Acuna

Chicago has a rich and interesting past when it comes to burying and digging up its deceased. The Chicagoland area's cemeteries are the resting places of many famous people, including Muddy Waters, Al Capone and Emmett Till, just to name a few. In addition to the burial history, many of the cemeteries themselves are thought to be haunted and even cursed by old spirits, according to local myths.

And aside from the grave sites and hauntings, many of the cemeteries are known for their scenic landscapes, famous architecture, and beautiful mausoleums and headstones. -- Bridget Guyon

Ever wonder where perhaps the most famous family in the United States like to dine out? Follow the link below, and you can eat like an Obama too. Via Google Maps, take a tour across the 44th president and First Lady's hometown of Chicago to see some of their favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The locations not only highlights some amazing places to get a bite to eat in the Windy City, but some also mark very special occasions and celebrations in the Obama family over the years. -- Julia Thompson

A great cast, soundtrack, and storyline are nothing without a stellar location. From the Magnificent Mile to Chicago's northern suburbs, My Best Friend's Wedding (1998) is known for its use of city as its backdrop.

Follow along on this Google map and see pictures, videos and information about some of the most iconic scenes from the movie. -- Janel O'Brien

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