Belmont: Kuma's Too Opens New Location in Lincoln Park

Kumas Burgers
Kuma's burgers paired with a cold one. (Photo/Nick Wilder)

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Posted: Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013

The insanely popular, heavy metal themed burger bar Kuma’s Corner, has finally opened a second location -- and could reduce those long waits at its original joint.

The new restaurant is cleverly named Kuma’s Too, and it proves to match all of the expectations that the original Kuma’s has bestowed on Chicagoans since 2005.

Kuma’s Too opened the morning of Feb. 13 with much anticipation from loyal fans of the thick, juicy burgers. The location in Lincoln Park, may seem out-of-place for a metal band-themed burger joint, but with an address of 666 West Diversey Pkwy., and the last three numbers of its phone number being "666", the bar-restaurant aims to maintain its reputation of a cult classic.

The menu features the exact same options as Kuma’s Corner at 2900 W. Belmont in Avondale. This quality offers Kuma’s fans that live closer to the lake a much quicker trip to the Lincoln Park locale, while still being able to enjoy their favorites. One of the highest priorities for the people behind the creation of Kuma’s Too was not to stray from what made the first location special.   

"Same menu. Same beer. Same whiskey on tap. Obviously a little different decor," said co-owner Michael Cain in an interview with DNAInfo Chicago. "We are trying to make it the same Kuma's culture as possible."

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In addition, the walls inside the restaurant consist of various heavy metal posters including Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mastadon and more to help customers get accustomed to the new surroundings. Many of the burgers also are named after metal bands.

However, perhaps the most evident similarity between the two locations is the heavy metal music blasting from the speakers, which is a signature characteristic of Kuma’s unique atmosphere. The music, along with the popular rules of no reservations and no calling to ask how long the wait time is, puts avid fans right back into Kuma's world.

“The food, beer and general atmosphere of Kuma’s Too is almost the exact same as Kuma’s Corner," said customer Sydney Ayers. "Initially, I didn’t think Kuma’s would be able to duplicate the greatness of the original location, but they definitely exceeded my expectations and I love the new restaurant.”

Of course, there are a few differences at Kuma’s Too, which mostly have to do with the bigger size and general layout of the restaurant, a location vacated by former burger joint, The Counter. While the inside is considerably brighter, the capacity is roughly 90 people and there are about 73 seats available to the public. The kitchen is also much larger than the original, which surely will reduce wait times.

“The main difference that I notice with Kuma’s Too is the large amount of space around the bar for people to grab a drink and relax while waiting to be seated," said customer Kyle Anderson. "At Kuma’s Corner, people are always packed uncomfortably around the bar while waiting because it’s a much smaller area, which makes the wait time seem much longer.”

Kumas Too Exterior
Kuma's Too is located at 666. W. Diversy Pkwy, the former location of The Counter.
(Photo/Nick Wilder)

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