NATO Summit: Historical Timeline


NATO LogoBy Lauren Klopmeyer
The Red Line Project

Dick Longworth, a long-time Chicago journalist who covered the NATO summits that took place at the headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, decades ago,  described the difference in challenges that Chicago faces.  

“It’s different in Chicago since it’s the first time here," he said. "It’s all new to us, and strange for Chicagoans.”

J.D. Bindenagel, a former U.S. ambassador and the VP of Community, Government and International Affairs at DePaul University said he views the summit’s first visit to Chicago as an important opportunity.

Specifically, it's a chance for more citizens to get involved in international events like the summit and see decisions being made is an enlightening experience, especially for Chicagoans who get to witness the events in their backyard.

“There is an awareness in this city that the citizens and this city has not had before,” he said.

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