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DIva Traci Ross performing 
(Video by Maria Cannata) 

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Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011

Customer’s eyes widen, their faces illuminated with speckles of light from the shimmering disco ball, as they hear the introduction over the loudspeakers.

“The Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club is proud to announce the sassy, the sexy, the sultry, the one, and only Traci Ross.”

And out walks Kit Kat diva Traci Ross singing along with “You Give Good Love to Me,” by Whitney Houston. 

The Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club is a restaurant and hot spot for a premier cocktail and dining experience, but Ross's introduction makes it clear that the audience loves the female impersonators. After all, where else can you dine with Madonna, Cher, and Lady GaGa all in one night?

The night begins with dinner by two-year Executive Chef Mark Kasper, a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. The menu, completely revamped by Kasper along with the owners, is reminiscent of a show. The appetizer section is entitled “Opening Act” beginning the performance of meals featuring dishes by the name of “Sofia Loren,” “Grace Kelly,” and “Marilyn Munroe,” then ending the meal with the “Grande Finale” desserts.

Among many of the menu items Kasper enjoys cooking, his favorite is the “Lawrence Oliver” -- filet mignon medallions with wild mushroom puree, caramelized kohlrabi, pickled endive and pepper demi.

Along with the menu, Kit Kat's cocktail list features more than 100 avant-garde martinis such as a chocolate raspberry truffle martini and a snickerdoodle martini.

Kit Kat Lounge's bar with over 100 cocktail choices
Photo by Maria Cannata)

Customers rave on Yelp about the liveliness, the delicious half-price martinis, and the performances.

Kit Kat has many events and specials that bring in customers to enjoy a variety of shows and experiences. Some events The Kit Kat hold are “Lady Gagarama” on Mondays, which includes Lady Gaga music and entertainment all night and 50 percent of the bill. Following “Lady Gagarama” is “Glee Tuesdays” which begins at 7 p.m. and plays an episode of Glee on five jumbo screens.

Then there are the Kit Kat performers. Nightly shows begin at 7 p.m. and run every 20 minutes until midnight. The Kit Kat Divas perform throughout the restaurant interacting and entertaining the guests.

Traci Ross performing “You Give Good Love to Me” by Whitney Houston.
(Photo by Maria Cannata)

Divas include Madam X, Traci Ross, Sunny De-Lite, Aurora Sexton, and Kathryn Cole. Diva Kathryn Cole has been an entertainer for more than 21 years and claims she “loves the crowd reaction.” Her theatre background makes performing at Kit Kat an easy transition, she said. Her favorite performances are an old-school Broadway number and her favorite impersonation is Cher.

Cole said the best part of working at the Kit Kat is, “the diversity of people that coming here its not really gay or really straight it’s a very mixed crowd. It’s a way of reaching people and showing them who we are and what we do.” 

The Divas and staff work with an a wide demographic of guests varying from young to old and play host to many events. Regulars to bachelorette parties fill The Kit Kat every night of the week, said Rumen Toderov, the house manager.

Toderov said the best part about working at Kit Kat is, “it that it is a fun place, if you are looking for something unusual you are not going to find this anywhere else.”

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